AVS is a one-stop car garage for all your car needs and requirements. We, at our garage, offer car services for all makes and models, with utmost expertise at competitive prices. No matter what car part is bothering you, we have you covered! Be it the engine, battery, exhaust, or AC, we know what is best for your vehicle! So, look no further if you are looking for air conditioning servicing in Buntingford. Get in touch today! 

Air conditioning system of your vehicle plays an important role. However, car owners usually overlook the need of getting it serviced or repaired. Who wants to get drenched in sweat or shiver in the cold while they are in the car? Nobody, right? An AC unit does not only regulate the environment of the car’s cabin, but also cools down the engine. Therefore, bring your car to us for air conditioning servicing if you want to avoid being stuck on a roadside! 

When to get AC service? 

There are some common signs that your Ac needs servicing or repair:

The major components of AC are: compressor, condenser, receiver, expansion valve, and evaporator. If any one fails to do its job, the whole AC system is compromised. Thus, bring in your car without a delay if you have observed any such sign! 

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At AVS garage, we promise to deliver a reliable service, quality workmanship and hassle-free procedure. Moreover, we keep our customers informed during the whole process. Also, we make sure that you get back your car on the road in no time. 

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