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AVS has been offering an unparalleled level of expertise and automotive repair, restoration and customization services for 27 years. We have gained the huge customer base through word of mouth, so you can trust us with your vehicle. At AVS, we provide high-quality car parts including car batteries for all makes and models. A car battery is the power house for your vehicle that makes all the components run smoothly. Hence, do not overlook battery issues and get your hands on the best car batteries in Hertford at AVS.

Signs of car battery going wrong:

  • Battery provides the starter charge to the engine. However, this starter zap is delayed when something wrong is going on with the battery.
  • Battery powers every major and minor component in your car including the lights. The lights, therefore, get dim when there is a faulty battery in your car.
  • Problems with the components of a battery may lead to leakages. So, be sure that your battery needs a checkup when you smell rotten egg
  • .Do not forget to have a look at your battery in order to rule out the possibility of corrosion. If you find out ashy material on the metallic part of your battery, then this is most probably corrosion. This corrosion, consequently, leads to voltage issues.
  • Intermittent sparks are one of the most common signs of bad battery. Moreover, this sparks further lead to backfiring.

Car batteries at AVS:

Faulty battery is one of the most common reasons of a break down. We are sure that you do not want to be left stranded on a road. So, do not overlook even a minor battery issue and bring it to our expert technicians at AVS. Furthermore, we have car and light commercial vehicle batteries from leading professionals.
Visit our website to find out more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call on 01992552677 if you are looking for car batteries in Hertford or request a call back. We respond promptly to our valuable visitors. If you want your battery to be in a perfect condition, drop by our garage. We make sure to put you back on road as soon as possible!