Exhaust system plays a major role to keep your car moving smoothly and safely on the road. Do you know why? Well, exhaust system is no less than a detoxifier to a car. The exhaust system removes toxic gases from engine, leading to the engine’s efficient working. Your car, therefore, needs expert exhaust system service and maintenance to avoid issues that may bother you in the long run. So, if it is causing trouble for you, count on us for exhaust system repair in Hertford.

Signs of faulty exhaust system:

  • Vibrations: A faulty exhaust system can literally give you an experience of roller coaster because of the vibrations it causes. However, there could be other reasons too. So, taking your car to the expert will do the job.
  • Noise: A problem with catalytic converter or muffler may lead to rattling noises. Do not ignore because this is one of the most common signs of exhaust system going bad.
  • Sluggish engine: A malfunctioning exhaust system affects engine’s performance. In addition to this, engine will start slowly and abnormally.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: Inefficient exhaust system will force engine to work harder than it has to. This will, consequently, require more fuel leading to lower fuel efficiency.
  • Other parts at risk: A leakage from exhaust system at other components may result in a fire and their deterioration.

Exhaust system repair at AVS garage:

  • Manifold: Exhaust manifold is the first contact point of engine and exhaust system. Hence, manifold collects the gases from the engine into the pipe.
  • Catalytic converter: It catalyzes a redox reaction in the exhaust system to reduce the toxicity of gases that are released from combustion engine.
  • Muffler: The whole process of combustion and exhaust is quite noisy. Muffler conceals this noise, reflecting the sound waves.
  • Tail pipe: This works as a chimney, because the gases leave the car through the exhaust pipe.

The function of exhaust system is compromised if any one of the above components break down. At AVS, we provide all of the above components at competitive prices. Visit our website to know more about us. Check out our contact and service details on the site. Give us a call in case of any query or drop by our garage if your exhaust is bothering you. We make sure to undertake all mechanical work with unparalleled level of professionalism!

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