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Here at Aadrenalin Vehicle Service, we specialize in Car Servicing, Mot Test, Car Repairs and range of other mechanical services. We know that our customers require professional care for their vehicle while also keeping their repairs costs as competitive as possible, and therefore we offer FREE no-obligation quotes on all our work – that’s how confident we are in our pricing policy.

We welcome both private customers and fleet work, and are able to provide same day service on all makes of private and light commercial vehicles for your convenience. All our staff are fully trained mechanics and we offer a while-you-wait MOT service, but you can also leave your vehicle and pick it up at your convenience if that is more suitable for you.


Get your car ready for an MOT test, we provide a comprehensive pre-MOT check to make sure your vehicle passes the MOT test without any hassle. We have all the equipment and experienced mechanics on hand to perform repairs on your car before getting it ready for the MOT or after should your vehicle fail the MOT. We have the latest computer technology to provide accurate brake and emission measurements.

Feel free to relax in our Reception area whilst our experienced MOT testers check your vehicle or if you prefer you can watch the MOT test procedure taking place, in our MOT viewing area in the workshop.


We undertake all forms of servicing and repairs for every make and model car – spanning from annual servicing, to critical engine repairs. We use the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure we can carry out services all ranges of cars regardless of brand to a fine point of precision.

We are happy to see you and will discuss and advise on your requirements, you will find us very friendly and very competitive, and of course all our work is guaranteed.


We can incorporate a variety of tailpipe options in every shape & size to suit your needs. We stock huge range of exhaust parts and exhaust systems for every car and every driver.

The exhaust is normally made up of three parts. The front end of the exhaust is usually known as the front pipe. This mainly funnels the exhaust gases from the engine cylinders into the exhaust. Today you would also see a catalyst after the front pipe, through which the gases pass. The catalyst is there to remove harmful gases. Then you have the middle section which reduces noise. Finally there is the rear section of the exhausts.


Faulty or weak batteries are one of the most common reasons for break-downs. So its important to check the health of you car battery. Especially during the winter months, when the cold puts more strain on the battery.

Our batteries are all from leading manufacturers and offer the best battery performance. Aside from car batteries, we also stock batteries for light commercial vans too.

If you vehicle’s battery warning light has come on or it is struggling to, whatever the problem is, experienced team will sort it to put you back on the road as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning

We pride ourselves in giving honest and accurate advice whether we are servicing or repairing your car air conditioning, or if you are simply buying parts we are here and ready to help.

We believe servicing your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system is just as important as servicing any other part. Our technicians recommend a service is carried out at least every 2 years in order to avoid increased fuel consumption and the build-up of bacteria and fungus.

We offer a complete air conditioning recharge and general service for all car makes and models.


Ensuring your car brakes are up to scratch is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will check your brake pads, shoes and discs and advise of any parts which are unsafe.

Whether you’re having issues with your dual mass flywheel, your brakes are starting to stick or your clutch isn’t performing to standard anymore, we can help you and get your car back to its best. We’ll do everything we can to get you back on the road safely and efficiently. We only use the best parts for your vehicle.


Aadrenalin Vehicle Services offer a complete range of automotive services in Hatfield. 


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