Do you know that engine is the most valuable part of your vehicle? Moreover, the whole engine process is no different than the one going on in human body. Your body converts into energy, vehicle’s engine converts fuel into motion. Therefore, a healthy engine goes a long way. Any one faulty constituent part, however, hinders the normal functioning of engine. Well, timing belt is one of the parts of internal combustion engine that plays an important role. Let’s find out all you need to know about timing belt.

How does timing belt work?  

It is a rubber strap that has fiber strands for strength. In addition, it has teeth that prevents the belt from slipping. Timing belt maintains the precision and coordination of the rotation of camshaft and crankshaft. Hence, this keeps the engine’s valves and pistons in-line and synchronized. However, if this coordination is disturbed due to timing belt fault, the engine will no longer work. The camshaft will stop moving whereas the crankshaft will continue rotating by inertia. Therefore, there can be valve and piston collision leading to the bending of valves and some heavy damage. 

When to replace timing belt? 

The expected life of timing belt lies around 60 thousand to 100 thousand miles. However, if you are doubtful about your belt’s condition, get it checked and replaced. Additionally, look out for these symptoms: 

Oil leakage from timing belt cover occurs when the timing belt becomes loose with the passage of time or the gasket wears out. Excessive leakage leads to engine over-heating or any other damage. 

When the belt slips, it disturbs the synchronization of shafts. Hence, a misfire situation occurs when any cylinder opens or closes earlier than it should. 

A failing timing belt creates ticking sound inside the motor, but such sounds may also indicate some other engine problem. Visit your mechanic as soon as you encounter such noise.

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